Development Area of Site Surgeon Limited

Samples of work and accessibility experiments.

E-mail Portfolio

Deloitte Master
Deloitte Event
Deloitte Leader
Responsive and made from scratch in 2013. Devised with a designer to push the limits of contemporary e-mail clients. To be used globally by various offices.
EE Welcome
EE Welcome (Text Version)
Complex fluid behaviour added to an exiting template at mobile and tablet sizes during Summer 2013. Fixed width on desktop with extra images.
Pampers Master
Pampers GBU
Pampers Newsletter with Coupon
Modular and responsive, made from scratch in 2014 for global translation and integration.
TV Licensing
TV Licensing Text Version
Cleaned up an existing template, adding responsive behaviour in 2014.

Website Portfolio

Project – Care Quality Commission Toolkit
Project List – Care Quality Commission Toolkit
Cascade – Care Quality Commission Toolkit
IE6 compatible templates for intranet tools, produced in 2009. Clean code but was not responsive.
Blog – Care Quality Commission
Form Controls – Care Quality Commission
Content Formatting – Care Quality Commission
Templates to illustrate coding standards before front-end was distributed to other team members. Brief was for IE7 support but not responsive. Created in 2014.

Accessibility Experiments

FIFA World Cup 2006
Using an accessible table with punctuation and introduction to restructure the final set of match results.