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Ben Millard has black hair, blue eyes and a broad smile.

Front-End Web Developer
London, United Kingdom
Born on:
27th June 1985
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Please call during office hours on weekdays or e-mail any time.


Award-winning commercial web developer specialising in all aspects of HTML and CSS. Acknowledged in HTML5 for web standards research into the accessibility of data tables and other semantic markup while sponsored by Mozilla Foundation and Google.

I work well with PHP and JavaScript developers but have chosen to specialise in other technologies.

A far-sighted problem preventer, working with initiative in a team or independently. Communicates easily with managers, designers, developers and clients to produce stand-out work.

Contributor to the web accessibility community. Dream job would be long-term sponsorship to resume my HTML5 accessibility research.



Roles & Experience

Gluck Games (formerly Gamevy) (January 2019–February 2019)

Turning designs and wireframes into static templates and components using clean HTML and CSS with other assets optimised as SVG, PNG, JPEG and Web Fonts.

Wellcom London (December 2017–August 2018)

Updating, adapting and testing responsive e-mail templates and web pages for brands covering travel, food, automotive and technology.

Gemini People (June 2017–April 2018)

E-mail templates built and tested for automotive and travel brands while placed at creative agencies.

Become Recruitment (May–November 2017)

E-mail templates and website updates for a fashion label.

Preferred Choice (August–September 2017)

E-mail templates for a TV network's in-house creative team.

gyro:London (August–September 2016)

Responsive CSS for mobile version of corporate blog. Content population across 5 languages. E-mail newsletters built from an existing master template.

Digital Gurus (2011 onwards)

Freelance website and e-mail development for various design agencies and their clients.

Ecom Recruitment (2011 onwards)

Freelance website and e-mail development for various design agencies and their clients.

M&C Saatchi London (October 2015–December 2015)

Responsive e-mail templates for well-known brands in different industries.

Wunderman UK (February 2015–July 2015)

Responsive e-mail templates with editable regions for numerous systems and brands.

Proximity London (October 2014–April 2015)

Multitude of responsive e-mail templates for well-known retail brands. Dynamic templates for use in Exact Target. Editable template for use in MailChimp.

smp UK (December 2011–June 2014)

Microsite, company website and several HTML e-mail campaigns for Campaign Monitor and Outlook 2007 Stationery.

Axis 12 (February–May 2014)

Care Quality Commission, built by 10 Drupal developers plus various teams for data, content and design using an Agile workflow.

ais London (July 2013)

Several re-usable e-mail templates for a mobile phone network provider.

Publicis Chemistry (July 2013)

Responsive e-mail newsletters for a mobile phone network provider.

Velti UK (April 2013 to June 2013)

Advanced CSS3 to re-skin a responsive JavaScript driven portal for deployment onto the planes of a major airline.

Other Creative (September–November 2011)

Worked in a team of front-end developers for a major banking group’s loyalty points reward system.

Collinson Latitude/Vivid Lime (September 2011)

Applied brand guidelines to re-skin an in-house points reward system to follow an insurance company’s brand without needing a designer.

Winner of “Best Microsite” in England (November 2009)

Awarded by CiB (now the IoIC) for CQC Guidance About Compliance. Produced at Redhouse Lane.

Redhouse Lane (2009–2011)

Lead UI Developer. Static websites and templates for CMS. HTML e-mail build, testing and distribution. Client liaison, quality assurance, estimates, technical support, documentation for projects and processes. Selected and managed other freelance developers.

Winner of “Most Accessible Website” in Hampshire (November 2008)

Awarded by Hampshire County Council for Calthorpe Park School. (The website has since been replaced.)

W3C Technical Plenary (October 2008)

Presented catalogue of 1,000 uses of HTML. Participated in sessions with HTMLWG, WAI PF and CSSWG.

Mozilla Funding for HTML5 Research (May 2008)

Studying how authors use HTML and strengthening related features of HTML5.

W3C Technical Plenary (November 2007)

Presented results from authoring patterns in HTML data tables. Consulted on many related issues.

Winner of “Most Accessible Website” in Hampshire (September 2007)

Awarded by Hampshire County Council for Calthorpe Park School. Front page of local newspaper. (The website has since been replaced.)

sdesign1, Liverpool (2006–2009)

Freelance Front-End Developer. HTML templates, WCAG audits for websites and CSS troubleshooting.

Calthorpe Park School, Fleet (2005–2011)

Webmaster, maintaining their award-winning accessible website. (Site has now been replaced by a ‘learning portal’.)

Accessify Forum (2005–2009)

Former moderator of this discussion board for web accessibility professionals.

My Blog & Hobbies Website (1998 onwards)

Started with help from a school friend on Geocities. Now has over 1,500 pages.


Calthorpe Park School, Fleet, 1996–2001

11 GCSE:

Farnborough Sixth Form College, 2001–2003

4 AS:
2 A2:

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